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DIY SpringTablecloth I'm a little (actually a lot) embarrassed to show the before picture to you - here I am writing a blog about homemaking, and I have a huge stash of fabric just waiting to be sewn, and this is the sad sad condition my kitchen table finds itself. (someone please tell me their kitchen table ...

Baby Boy Valentine Onesie: Bear Hugs

Hey there!  I know I neglect the boy department a lot on this blog.  Sorry about that - but a friend of mine just had a little boy, and I decided to make this little valentine onesie for him (L this is for little A :). Perhaps I can make a few more things for him and increase the number of ...

DIY Cupcakes and Roses – Valentine T

This is a fast project (hour or less) with impressive results! Inspired by this shirt from Baby Gap: Here's what you will need: 1 solid t-shirt or turtleneck (I got mine at Wal-mart for $2.00) Scrap pink fabric red thread (sulky preferred because it adds a little bit of shine) ...

Free Spirit Tunic Tutorial

I've been wanting to make a tunic for a while. I browsed around online at Free People and found this for inspiration. It's $298.00 So on Friday I went to the fabric store and spent $ 17.00 on a yard of Anna Maria Horner's gorgeous voile - the perfect thing to make a flowy tunic (or to ...

Built for a Quilt

Here's what my hubby did over this long weekend. He found the wood in our yard and stripped the bark off - then made this ladder to display our family quilts. Top quilt: spider web design made by my great-great grandmother, garden wall quilt made by me, checkerboard hearts quilt made by my ...

DIY Rosette Headwrap/Earwarmer

This is a quick little gift you can whip up in about 30 minutes. Perfect to give to a mommy who doesn't have time to do her hair :)  I made it using some vintage scraps, and it is easy sewing.  Here's what you will need: Measuring tape 4" x {your head measurement - 6"} rectangle of ...

Chicken and Dumplings

After this and this and this we were all ready for some of this! This is my recipe for Chicken and Dumplings. It's a combination of several different recipes, with my added special ingredient of Red Pepper Flakes.  You don't add so much that it makes it too spicy, just enough to add ...

Master Bedroom Reveal

This was done on a teeny tiny shoestring.  I only spent about $100.00 on accessories to complete my look - including things like a sidetable, lamps, votives, planter, aluminum bin, etc.  I had already made the window treatments and quilt,  I just worked on finishing touches.  I am really happy with ...

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